Graduate student in Ergotherapy

The accomplishment you are most proud of:
My second place finish at Ironman 70.3 in Puerto Rico during my second season as a pro triathlete. The pro field was stacked, and I was not very experienced at long distance races at the time. 

Your go-to pre-race meal or ritual:
Wood oven pizza and a fig bar snack before bed! 

Favourite quote:
"No matter how hard you train, Somebody will train harder. No matter how hard you run, Somebody will run harder. No matter how hard you want it, Somebody will want it more, I am Somedy." - Steve Prefontaine

Tell us something fun about yourself!:
I don't like pasta …yes, yes you read correct! 

What 2019 races/events can we find you at?
Ironman 70.3 Boulder, Ironman 70.3 Traverse City, Ironman 70.3 Cozumel, Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos

Why Brava?
It is a young local company from Quebec run by two dynamic and approachable young entrepreneurs. It is essential for me to have a good relationship with my sponsors. In addition, their clothes are of exceptional quality while offering a style that does not go unnoticed! I believe that the future belongs to this company that produces women 's performance clothing.

Your favourite Brava product and why?
The new cycling and running jacket! It is comfortable and keeps me warm. I get cold easily, so it allows me to bike comfortably when the temperature drops.